Sombor has a long sports tradition. In 1887 the first sports association of Sombor was founded to satisfy the needs of high-developed sport.

Toward the end of 19th century, people from Sombor were unbeatable in swimming and waterpolo and very good at athletics in which they won a large number of the country championships. The first Sombor olympic winners – wrestlers also achieved significant sports results: Stevan Pišta Nadj and Nikola Grbić in Paris 1924 and later Ivan Frgić in Montreal 1976.

After the World War Two, the olympic medals were also won by women gymnasts, weightlifters and women handball players.

There are a lot of arranged sports fields and facilities where quality ahtletic preparations and competitions can be organized.

Sokolski dom (The Falcon’s Home)

Venac vojvode Petra Bojovica 11, Sombor

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Staparski put bb, Sombor

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The first tennis court in Sombor was built in 1895 in the park near Županija. At the location of the tennis club „ŽAK“, the first three tennis courts were arranged in

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U zimskom periodu godine u dvorištu Sokolskog doma postavlja se mobilno klizalište dimenzija 15 × 30 metara sa zaštitnom ogradom. Kapacitet klizališta je 130 klizača. Formirana ledena ploča zadržava svoj kvalitet do temperature od 12 °C.

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Squash Centar

Blagojevićeva 62, Sombor
phone: +381 25 51-00-118

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Ilije Birčanina 61, Sombor

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Zapadna Bačka

Dolska 82, Bački Monoštor

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Skejt park u Somboru

Prvomajski bulevar bb, Sombor

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