Country houses

Country houses

Information: Aranka Hornjak-Mijić

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Naš salaš

Gradina 83, Sombor

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Poljoprivredno gazdinstvo

Predstavimo ponudu za posetu "Našem Gazdinstvu" organizovanim posetiocima i zainteresovanim da u unapred zakazanom terminu rezervišu degustacionu salu i na licu mesta probaju delikatesne sireve i u razgovoru sa domaćinima saznaju detalje o procesima proizvodnje sireva, vrstama i to sve uz čašicu belog i crnog domaćeg vina.

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Ethno house

Somborski put 49, Bezdan
phone: +381 25 811-093

In their family home in Bezdan, the Brdar family opened an ethnological collection with 1,000 exhibits for all who want to enjoy antiques. The collection consists of various devices for agricultural households: plows, choaches, beds, cradles, vases, clothing, etc.. Some of the exhibits are more than 150 years old.
The owners of the house say about their collection: "It is Backa from many years ago, which can be found only in the best museums".

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Ecological classroom

Phone: + 381 (0) 61 6059896

On beautiful Bezdan grounds of Special Nature Reserve "Gornje Podunavlje", twenty kilometers from Sombor, Ecological classroom is located, in the place called Baracka. Special Nature Reserve is the only flood zone in Europe surrounded by water, forest, canal network, the Danube, Danube-Tisa-Danube channel and Bajski channel. Waters are rich in freshwater fish. The region is rich in medicinal herbs and numerous species of mushrooms. Founded in June 1998, because of the need for raising environmental awareness and culture. Ecological classroom is an ideal area...

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Etno kuća "Dešin salaš" Lemeš

Vladimira Nazora 55, Svetozar Miletić

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Ethno house "Ružica"

Nikole Tesle 3, Riđica
Phone: +381 (0) 64 1811799

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Ethno house Mali Bodrog

Oslobodjenja 32, Backi Monostor
owners: Katica and Erzika Antalovic
phone: +381 25 807-163
ticket price: 80 din.

Ethno house "Mali Bodrog" in Backi Monostor was built in the typical Monostor style 150 years ago, and its appearance is maintained to this day. Covered with a reed roof, it’s equipped with authentic furniture and masonry oven, all from materials that could be found in the surrounding forests. Large yard with a summer-house and a well, decorated in ethno style.
The house was renovated with the help of...

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Eco-recreation center

contact person: Dejan Mitic
cell: +381 63 893 81 28

The tourist offer Backi Monostor includes an Eco-recreation center, which was officially opened on the International Day of Environmental Protection, on June 5th, 2008.
Eco-recreation center consists of an amphitheater with wooden benches for workshops, education and teaching in nature, a mini playground with swings and rockers, a range to play social games and soccer pitch suitable for sports and recreation. Eco-recreation center is situated on the edge of the Special Nature Reserve "Gornje Podunavlje"...

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Ethno house in Čonoplja

Božidara Adžije 38, Čonoplja
phone: +381 64 52-55-558

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’’Ciganska duša’’ Bački Monoštor

 Braće Mišković 42, Bački Monoštor

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Weaving workshop for silk damask
Weaving workshop for silk damask

Cultural heritage protected by the government.
Žrtava fašizma 2, Bezdan
phone: +381 25 810 137 ,810-930

The workshop is set some 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) north-west from Sombor in the village of Bezdan known for hunting tourism, but far more known from weaving of silk damask. The tradition of weaving has been protected and nurtured by the craft and trade workshop “NOVITET – DUNAV” from Bezdan. The craft of weaving and the tools have...

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