The only trace of the former Coborszentmihaly fortress dating from the pre-Turkish period and the last mark of a century and a half long Turkish stay in Sombor, the oldest building preserved in town with its present form originating from the end of the 16th or the beginning of the 17th century, is still called Pasha’s Tower or the Turkish Tower. The Turks probably did some remodeling and reconstructing on it after they had conquered Sombor in 1541. Today it is a part of the Historical Archives Building in Sombor.

The manager of imperial property, the noble Paul Kruschper of Verbo, built a rectangular one-storey building in late baroque style in 1771, a building that has been preserved until our days. Today, the Krushper’s house is the centre of the Sombor Historical Archives, the place where previous archival material is stored, the collection of three-century old written historical traces of the city and its surroundings.