Ecological classroom

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On beautiful Bezdan grounds of Special Nature Reserve "Gornje Podunavlje", twenty kilometers from Sombor, Ecological classroom is located, in the place called Baracka. Special Nature Reserve is the only flood zone in Europe surrounded by water, forest, canal network, the Danube, Danube-Tisa-Danube channel and Bajski channel. Waters are rich in freshwater fish. The region is rich in medicinal herbs and numerous species of mushrooms. Founded in June 1998, because of the need for raising environmental awareness and culture. Ecological classroom is an ideal area for studying the ecosystems of forests, meadows, and still and flowy waterways. The program is primarily designed for primary and secondary school students and faculty students. A set of educational programs in nature are: the basis of environmental protection, small school of fishing, rowing school, scout skills - survival in nature during the year, camping from May to September, the educational paths of health - half day walk through the woods. Workshops for making useful things from wood, cane, clay and flowers are also organized in the Ecological classroom .
To organize recreational activities there are excellent conditions for: sport fishing, rowing, running in nature, orientation in nature. A recommended tour is: watching forest and aquatic birds, water flora and fauna, in the vicinity there is a canal lock, built in 1856, and the Battle of Batina venue from World War II. There is a possiblity of presentations and cooking in the old, traditional way, by the customs of the people who inhabit this region. Ecological classroom has 140 seats in the rural environment, of which the amphitheater in nature has 60 seats. There is a grassy area for up to 20 tents, and 80 people. Parking is ensured for 20 cars and 3 buses. In the Ecological classroom there is a canteen. The accommodation capacity consists of a forest house (2+1 beds), a fishing house with 4 rooms (each room 3+1 beds) and an outhouse. In the vicinity of Ecological classroom is a beautiful sandy beach in the gulf of the Danube. There are 7 boats for 4 to 6 people available for rent. The Ecological classroom is an ideal space for the presentation and cultivation of forgotten crafts and fostering cultural heritage. The classroom is open year round.