Aleksa Šantić

Aleksa Santic is the youngest village in the Sombor municipality, located in the northeastern part of the municipality. The population is mostly engaged in farming and fruit growing as Aleksa Santic is surrounded by 5277 hectares of fertile land. The oldest part of village was built between 1923 and 1926. However, the mention of settlement in the Santic area dates back to 1468. The census in the Bodrog County mentions a settlement Sara, on the location of the Sara heath. The village was formed for the purposes of Serbian volunteers from the First World War. In 1924, the village was named after a poet, Aleksa Santic. During World War II and the Hungarian occupation of the settlement, it’s name was changed to Fernbah, and again after the war to Aleksa Santic.

Village Santic is a compact type of settlement. Older houses were built near the road, with additional buildings, yard and gardens. Initial construction of the village was planned, with straight streets intersecting at right angles. New houses were built without the usual rules.

Aleksa Santic castle, in literature known as "Baba Pusta" was built by Károly Fernbah in 1906/7, designed by Hungarian architect Hikisch Reszo. The castle looks very bad, it’s located in the center of a neglected park and is not open to visitors. The castle is a registered cultural property.