Doroslovo is set on the north-west part of the West Bačka district and it’s the last settlement in this part of Sombor municipality. The village is set 21 kilometers (13 miles) from Sombor. The first record of Doroslovo as a settlement dates from 1313. The name of the village has always been the same ever since it was first inhabited.
The majority of the village population is Hungarian or people of Hungarian descent and it has a precious variety of ethnic customs.
The Holly Well – The Water of Holly Mary
The well is set at the end of the road towards the village of Srpski Miletić. This is the most famous and most visited place in Bačka, which also represents a sort of pilgrimage site. It is believed that the water from this well has healing powers hence the pilgrims have a habit of visiting this sight since 1792. Most tourists, annually more than 10000, come to the village on the holiday that marks the village festivity of Mala Gospojina.
The Church of Saint Imre - erected in 1803. is set in the center of the village.
Classic village house - done in a style that represents the living habits of people from 19th century is found in the street of Žarko Zrenjanin, house number 53.
Hungarian cultural society “Moric Zsigmond” - founded in 1938.