Archeological finds show that some 13 kilometers (8 miles) from Sombor, the village Kljajićevo, a unique settlement, dates since neolith.
The village that is know today is named after national hero Miloš Kljajić and it’s a fertile land suitable for farming which is the most important branch of agriculture in this area. The village is a typical settlement found in Vojvodina province with wide streets and compact housing. The very core of the village, the oldest part is called Krčevine. Today, the village has 6.012 inhabitants.
Catholic Church
Dedicated to Blessed Virgin, the church was erected in 1896. Since then until the Second World War it has held masses for believes of Catholic faith and in 1994. the church has been converted into an Orthodox Catholic church without any significant changes in its appearance.
The village swimming pool
The swimming pool was first open in 1982. and is still in function every year during the summer season. It was built solely by contributions made by the locals.
Velika Gospojina
Velika Gospojina is an annual village festivity or village Slava held on the 28 th of August. Good music, appetizing indigenous food and good mood compel you to return to the village every year and experience the hospitality of the locals once again.
Seoska korida
Seoska korida je među 150 turističkih manifestacija u Srbiji, proglašena za najoriginalniju. Neverovatnu trku motokultivatora čini borba za pol poziciju, škripa na startu i ludih 10 krugova u maksimalnoj brzini, friziranih freza.
The day of happy machines
A two day festive occasion of traditional homemade schnapps, a spirit made out of fruits grown by the locals, was held on the 26th and 27th of September 2009.