Svetozar Miletić

The village is located at the north-west parts of Bačka in the valley of Telečka plateau. A railroad and a north-east highway connects the village with Subotica and south-west highway connects the village with Sombor.
Chapel dedicated to Gospa od Milosrđa
On the hill around the church a little chapel built in 1924. is located. The chapel was renovated some 10 years ago and the pilgrimage ground was renewed some 4 years ago, when it acquired the appearance that it has today.
Musica Viva
An all girls’ choir was founded in 2001. and has many diplomas and accolades from various international competitions.
Moto-cross raod
The real tourist attraction of the village is the moto-cross road where motorcycle competitions and races are held annually.
The Lemeš Spa
The spa itself was closed down in 1958. But the memory of the spa is still there painted with the landscape of trees and walking paths.