Winery Dragić

Winery Dragić

Carski drum bb, Riđica

phone: +381 63 480 882, +381 25 544 3566



Winery complex and vineyards are located in Riđica, close to the Hungarian border on the old road from Belgrade to Budapest, which have always been called "Imperial Road". Winery complex is located in the center of the vineyard, and consists of several buildings, interconnected with basements - winery, wine stores, wine cellar for wine tasting and gazebo.

Vineyard with winery complex, and landscaped area around the winery makes a genuine unit, which extends over three cadastral parcels, total area of 3.50 Ha.

With a new division of the wine-growing zones, Riđica received his vineyard, which created the conditions for production of high quality wines with geographic origin.

The vineyard was planted in 2010, and as of 2011. construction of the winery complex began, construction was still in progress, but the facilities are functional so that wine production was launched.

Production of wine is exclusively from grapes from their own vineyards.