Tents place SoSul

Tents place SoSul

 Venac Petrove gore 23, Sombor

Phone:025/426-274, 065/2426274

E-mail: satoristesosul@gmail.com i sosul@open.telekom.rs


Tents place are located in close proximity to the main motorways Sombor-Apatin and Sombor-Novi Sad i.e. in close proximity to the road leading to the border with Croatia and Hungary. We are also hidden from the city rush, 200m away from the Great Bačka Canal and 3km away from the city center. There is a bicycle lane leading to the city center that if fully shrouded by a century-old Celtis occidentalis alley. A 5km long cycling and hiking lane runs along the abovementioned canal, partially shrouded by an alley of trees and partially running along a weekend houses community.   
We don’t adhere to rules and conventionalities strictly and we are ready to spoil and please our guests and their pets.
In terms of services we can offer a holiday on a perfectly maintained lawn and a perfectly landscaped environment with amenities such as lavatories, showers, parking area (in case of rain and severe  weather we can accommodate your bicycles and motorcycles in an area with a roof), Wi-Fi, video surveillance etc. The tent plot in the accommodation unit has lighting. Other amenities that require a fee include a tennis court, a mini gym (a treadmill, a stationary bicycle and a stepper), a sauna for 4 persons and a salt water pool. All these amenities are located within the accommodation unit.    
Our services also include the use of washing machines and driers as well as refrigerators and stoves, a Front Desk where you can relax and enjoy your meal. The terrace in front of the Front Desk is equipped with canopies and benches and is perfect for relaxation. We can also offer a fast repair of your bicycles (We have a bicycle repair shop as our subcontractors, bicycle repair shop prices apply). You can also wash your car or other vehicle in the accommodation unit; charge your telephone, computers, tablets, cameras etc.