National Theatre Sombor

Trg Koste Trifkovića 2, Sombor
phone:+381 25 437-666

The building was erect in 1887. on the initiative of the Theater’s Joint Stock Holder’s Collective, formed in 1877, and it became a national theatre in 1952. National Theatre of Sombor has two stages- a large and small one; The large stage or the Great scene auditorium has 330 seats, and some 100 spectators can enjoy plays on the small stage. The Theater provides a unique offer of renting the stages for private shows during the collective vacation in summer. The first performance in the theater building was held on 25th of November in 1882. and since then the theater has had ongoing seasons each year.

Many plays were directed by both prominent theatre directors from Sombor as well as those from other cities in Serbia, and the stages gave home to many visiting international world class theatres, both classic and avant-garde. Big part of the history of the theater are two of its managers, Žiga Jasenović and Nikola Peca Petrović who paved the way for the theater to be placed on the list of one of the most important theaters in the region. In the past eleven years, the theatre ensemble participated with seventy-one performances on various theatre festivals and has won fifteen awards with its most prominent plays "The Taming of the Shrew," "The Marriage of Figaro", "Fiškal galant", " Afera nedužne Anabele " (The Affair of Innocent Annabelle), " Zla žena " (The Evil Woman), " Ruženje naroda u dva dela" (The Scolding of the Nation in two parts), " Bogojavljenska noć" (Twelfth Night),"Buđenje proleća" (The spring awakening), "Opsada Crkve Svetog Spasa" (The Siege of the Chruch of the Holy Savior).

Theater Marathon: since 1993. each theater season ends with the festival “Theatre Marathon”. Through the course of three days and nights, plays that have premiered in the ending season are acted out on the Great Stage as well as plays of visiting theaters, theater groups and students of the Faculty of Drama.