Gallery „Milan Konjović”

Trg Svetog Trojstva 2, Sombor
phone: +381 25 412-563

admission: school excursions 100 din/person, adults 150 dinars, pensioners 100 dinars. Free admission: members of the armed forces, police, students from schools for the children with special needs, kindergartens, painters, students of Art Academy and Art History, municipal delegations, staff in cultural institutions, associations of persons with disabilities, the Center for Social Work, hospital, socially disadvantaged, teachers
The gallery was opened on the 10th of September 1966. in a building that was erected in 1838. and was adapted for the purposes of a gallery with 8 rooms on 170 square meters. The gallery was opened by one of the most prominent painter from Sombor, Milan Konjović who has pledged to give away all of his artwork as a legacy; his motto was and still is "These images, my precious darlings, with love I give away to my hometown, they only belong to it." Today the collection of paintings that grew bigger each year has more than 1084 selected artwork ranging from paintings, pastels, watercolors, drawings and tapestries. Permanent displays consist of retrospective artworks as well as contemporary thematic exhibitions. So far the gallery held 11 chronological and 48 thematic exhibitions. The gallery is open for cooperation with related domestic as well as international art institutions that contribute to its affirmation. Milan Konjović (1898-1993) was one of the most prolific artists in Serbia and former Yugoslav art, with more than 6000 artworks.