Weaving workshop for silk damask

Cultural heritage protected by the government.
Žrtava fašizma 2, Bezdan
phone: +381 25 810 137 ,810-930
web: www.novitet-dunav.co.rs

The workshop is set some 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) north-west from Sombor in the village of Bezdan known for hunting tourism, but far more known from weaving of silk damask. The tradition of weaving has been protected and nurtured by the craft and trade workshop “NOVITET – DUNAV” from Bezdan. The craft of weaving and the tools have been introduced in the 19th century from Hungary and Czech Republic. Settling down in Bezdan in 1871. artistic weaver János Schmidt has improved the weaving tradition by abandoning the work he has done with hemp and flax introducing the weaving of silk damask specially imported from Czech Republic and England. He has also introduced new machines with new technology of weaving that it still in use. After the Second World War weavers from this small village have joined forces and resources and in 1951. and founded a weaving collective named “DUNAV”. The production of silk damask is still carried out on 18 hand powered wooden looms which date from 1871. Raw materials, 49% cotton and 51% silk are used in weaving silk damask in this workshop. Each product made in the workshop is unique and exudes style, richness and beauty.