Ravangrad pivara

Ravangrad pivara

"Ravangrad Brewery" is the first local craft brewery of the greenest town in Serbia, called Sombor. This city with its rich tradition and culture is now offering something new.

In the procedure of making our beer, we choose to use only the specialy selected natural ingredients, always curious and ready for challenges when it comes to setting new standards for the most delicious beer we can present to YOU!

The brewery was founded by Branko Popović, a master engineer of food and biotehnology, but most important a huge lover of quality beer, in 2017.

We offer you 7 tipes of draft beers, 5 of them are also available in glass bottles.

As part of the brewery, we have a small but wellcoming tasting room, with a capacity of 15 people.

Let us know when your comming, cheers!


Jugoslovenske Narodne Armije 39, Sombor
Phone: +381 66480150