Atelier of Stained Glass „Stanišić”

Konjovićeva 5, Sombor
phone: 025/433-030, 025/28-598
owner: Stevan Stanišić

Studio for Stained Glass "Stanišić" was established in 1908. in Sombor and is one of the leading studios for making stained glass in the world. Studio specializes in the development of new stained glass windows and restoration services for leaded and faceted stained glass. Atelier "Stanišić" has gained a reputation throughout the year of successful business that became the synonymous for quality, professionalism and prestige. Since 1993, the Atelier has been given the opportunity to collaborate with many renowned architects, designers and other artists in the United States of America, successfully continuing working on numerous projects of modern and traditional character. The Atelier is most proud of the fact that many of its art became a part of many architectural landmarks in Serbia as well as throughout the world.