Croatian Artistic Collective „Vladimir Nazor”

Venac vojvode Radomira Putnika 26, Sombor
phone: +381 25 438-173

Croatian Artistic Collective "Vladimir Nazor" was established with the aim of nurturing the culture and customs of Bunjevac ethnic group and Croatians from Slavonia region in Croatia (gatherings, dužionice (gatherings that are organized before the spring seeding and autumn harvests), Holy Trinity, St Francis – girls’ fairs, etc.) The work of the collective involves a few sections: folklore, art, tamburitza, drama, chess, a section for nurturing cultural habits of Croats, Bunjevaci and Šokci ethnic groups. Folklore section is the oldest section that had its first public performance in 1938. The collective has over 100 active members divided into three groups: children, seniors and first setup. Art section is predominantly responsible for organizing exhibitions and art colonies that take place on Sombor’s farms. Drama section is divided into two groups: one for older and another for younger members where the older group fosters folk theater that nurtures the Croatian language as well the language and customs of ancestors of Croats who live in the region; younger members’ group organize events for children.