City Library „Karlo Bijelicki”

Trg cara Lazara 3, 25000 Sombor
phone: +381 25 431-011

City Library is today located in a building erected in 1877. in a neorenaissance style used for the purposes of the first Saving Bank in Sombor that was established in 1868. The library was name after Karlo Bijelicki a chief accountant of the Saving Bank in Sombor who gave the building as a gift for establishing the library on the General Assebly held on the 2 nd of January 1859.

The library today has a possession of 300.000 copies of books and has a special collection of 309 rare books among which the olds is believed to be “Zbornik” by Božidar Vuković, printed in Venice in 1538. The library has a collection of books and magazines at the department of Local historic archive with more than 4000 printed publicatios. The library was declared to be the main library in the West Bačka distric and it consists of several departments: a main borrowing department for adults, a science department with a reading room, Internet center and Internet café, department for children and students of primary schools, bookbinding department, bookstore, etc.

The City Library prides itself with the publishing works reflected in the annual cultural magazine “Dometi”, youth magazine “Novi Pokret” as well as a literary editions “Golub”, “Laza Kostić” and “Seme”.