Apatinski put 11, Sombor

Tel: +381 25 463 111, +381 25 463 123

A large complex of swampy woods near the coastal waters of the River Danube is perfect for the development and survival of a great number of hairy and feathery game. The special nature reserve „Gornje Podunavlje“ is settled by deer, wild boar, roebuck and otter. The big animals, which are raised and hunted there, are: deer, wild boar, mouflon, fallow deer and roe deer. The small animals, which are hunted there, are: rabbits and feathery game like pheasants, quails and wild ducks.

„Sombor“ Lumber Camp organizes individual or group hunting of wild boars with numerous extra services: a hunting guide, a fiacre ride, lodgings for dogs etc.