Hungarian Civil Casino Sombor

Venac Petra Bojovića 13, Sombor
phone: +381 25 422-698
Bringing together middle class of the then ethnic majority of Hungarians in Sombor, Hungary Civil Casino was established on 22nd of April 1867. The Casino was founded as a place where people can come together to enjoy music and art in their leisure time. The most important sections that marked the history of casinos are singing and drama sections. It should be noted that the first fire department was founded in Casino which later became part of the city’s civil emergency center. The first name of the Casino was the Civil Society Casino and the name was around until 1945. when the name was changed to the Hungarian Cultural Artistic Society "Petőfi Sándor". The Society’s manager at that time was a famous writer Herceg János (1909-1995). The name, Hungarian Cultural Artistic Society "Petőfi Sándor" was used until the General Assembly hat was held on the 27th of August 2002. when a new name was adapted: Hungarian Civic Casino. The society now operates with the following sections: vocal section, the section protecting historical and cultural monuments of Hungarians in Sombor, sections for pensioners, the Kindergarten section, the section of Hungarian folk customs caregivers for elementary school children, art section, dramatic, youth section, internet section etc.
For further information and arrangements, please contact the Secretary of Casino every day from 10 to 13 hours.