Civil artistic collective „Ravangrad” Sombor

Trg Sv. Đorđa 4, Sombor

phone: 025/442-293, 063/547-838

Civil Artistic Collective "Ravangrad" Sombor was founded in 2001. The collective gathers aficionados of ethnic culture, folklore, and gathers people of extensive knowledge which is passed on to younger generations. The collective brings together some 300 members of all ages: children, adolescents, adults. The collective is significant in terms of passing down knowledge about folklore through music, singing, ethnic and drama section. Folklore section is the most common and involves performing groups: dances from Bačka, Hungary, Vlaška, Šumadija and Leskovac region, dances from Vranje and Macedonia, Serbian dances from Srem as well as Bunjevac and Šokac ethnic group’s daces; children’s ensembles (Dances from Banat, Šumadija and Slovakia), a group of children-preschoolers (children’s dances), and veteran team (dances from Šumadija). Singing section includes male and female singing groups who cherish their repertoire of songs of indigenous people. "Zlatne Ruke Sombora" (the Golden Hands of Sombor) is a woman’s collective that nurtures recipes of indigenous cuisine found in the region.