Civil artistic collective „Sombor” Sombor

Blagojevićeva 90, Sombor

phone: 025/467-196 i 064/309-7007

City Artistic Collective "Sombor" Sombor, under this name functions since 1998. and is derived from Civil Artistic Collective "Brazda" which was established in 1973. The collective has 150 members, who work in folklore, singing, drama and folk orchestra sections. The largest is the folklore section which is divided into categories: opening act ensemble (school children), performing ensemble (high school and college students) and the veteran’s ensemble. The collective cultivates native and national traditions of indigenous ethnic groups in Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro, as evidenced by the rich repertoire of the collective. The Collective is the organizer of the International Children’s Festival of folk creativity "Smile Sombor", International festival of folk art.